Behind the Art of Smile Design

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 3/29/16 8:00 AM

A really great smile lights up your face and makes other people think “Wow!” Maybe you were lucky enough to born with a great smile, but if you weren't, West Hills Smiles can help with our smile design services.

A variety of cosmetic services are available that can take you to “Wow!”

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A Healthy Mouth Begins with What you Eat

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 3/24/16 11:04 AM

Although most people know the importance of good nutrition and a healthy diet, they might not think of it in relation to their oral health. Yet a healthy mouth is very dependent on what you put into that mouth on a day-to-day basis. In some cases, the issue is to eat the best foods for your oral health. In others, the key is to avoid foods that can decrease oral health. Here's a little advice from your healthy mouth experts at West Hills Smiles.

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Why the Perfect Smile is Important for Men

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 3/22/16 8:00 AM

Did you know that it is just as important for men to have that perfect smile as it is for women? Do you realize that with just one visit to a trusted cosmetic dentist, you could come away with a dramatic change in your appearance?

There are procedures that will turn a not-so-perfect smile into one that will reflect confidence and boost your self-esteem.

Since your smile is the first thing people see when they meet you, it’s important in your personal and professional life that people have a solid first impression – and a dazzling smile will help.

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What to Expect During Your First Dental Office Visit

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 3/3/16 11:25 AM

Not knowing what to expect during your first dental office visit can be scary! Here are some of the things you should expect when visiting a professional dental office. You should be provided with an accurate diagnosis, unparalleled expertise and an innovative treatment style. You should also be offered a wide range of services and only state-of-the-art equipment should be used. 

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A Bright Smile Starts With Regular Teeth Cleanings

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 3/2/16 9:41 AM

Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth is not enough for maintaining a healthy and bright smile. It's also equally important to receive a routine examination and cleaning at least once per year. Unfortunately, however, many people neglect these visits until serious problems have arisen. In fact, some people even avoid professional treatment all together when dealing with tooth pain, bleeding gums, cracked or chipped teeth and other issues that can quickly spiral out of control if left unchecked.

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Natural Homemade Toothpaste: Your DIY Smile Makeover Guide

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 2/25/16 8:30 AM


Making your own homemade toothpaste may seem a little odd at first but it can be a good way to save some money and kickstart your smile makeover. It is also an excellent way to avoid many of the chemicals and controversial ingredients in many store bought brands. While making your own toothpaste can be a bit labor intensive, the benefits far outweigh the effort required.

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5 Reasons An Oral Cancer Screening Can Support A Healthy Mouth

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 2/23/16 8:30 AM


Although few people consider oral cancer as being a serious concern, the American Dental Association (ADA) anticipates the diagnosis of 39,000 new cases in the United States each year. This isn't a problem that is solely reserved for chronic smokers. In fact, there are several, common risk factors that can make people more susceptible to this illness. Having an oral cancer screening is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Following are five reasons why.

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Are Whitening Strips Going To Give You That New Smile

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 2/18/16 8:30 AM


Making a good first impression is extremely important. Whether you are meeting new neighbors, have a romantic dinner date or a pressing business meeting, your teeth are often the first things that will be looked at. White teeth can brighten a room and draw attention to your smile. When a person is comfortable with their appearance, their new smile will be bigger and they will be less self conscious about the way they look.

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Bright Smiles, Fresh Breath: What Is The Best Mouth Wash?

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 2/16/16 9:00 AM

Who doesn't love the fresh and minty feeling you get from a swish of mouthwash? There are a variety of reasons why people use mouthwashes. Some use them for cosmetic reasons and others because their dental professional prescribed a special mouthwash as part of their oral hygiene regimen.

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What Is The Right Toothbrush For That Perfect Smile

Posted by Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh on 2/11/16 9:00 AM

We all know we should brush our teeth - but have you given much thought on which toothbrush you should be using? You want to choose the best brush to keep that perfect smile looking healthy and sparkling clean. 

If you think about it - not much has changed in the overall look and theory of this ancient invention. The appearance of today's toothbrush may still be similar to the brushes of the dark ages, but the materials used to make our modern brushes certainly have come a long way. Our (very) ancient ancestors used a thin twig with a frayed end to rub away food from their teeth. Then, more sophisticated versions with handles made of bone, wood or ivory - with the brushes crafted from the bristles of boars or other animals were created. Thank goodness we don't have to deal with that these days! Now, to get that perfect smile, all we have to do is decide what color and type we want, and if we prefer manual or power toothbrushes.

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